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Our clients benefit from 45 years of experience of successful counselling and litigation issues. Dr. Tassilo Neuwirth founded the law firm in 1970, with special focus on marital and family law. Dr. Alexander Neurauter and Dr. Martin Neuwirth – the next generation´s partners – have extended the range of services by substantial competence areas such as real estate, building and housing law, commercial law, company law, competition law and labour law. We offer our support and expertise both in all these areas, as well as in civil law, consumer protection law, criminal law, administrative law and insurance law.

“Personal commitment and highest consulting quality are our most important concerns.”

We provide a great network and offer flexible cooperation. Thereby, we can also offer fast solutions with notaries and tax advisors. Treating your information confidentially is an essential aspect of our daily work and is also ensured in these situations

Our lawyers are happy to support you in:

  • Compiling and review of contracts
  • Representation in compensation and warranty cases
  • All questions regarding divorce, marital and family law
  • Consulting regarding rights deriving from tenancy
  • Enforcement or defence against claims for damages
  • Advice and compiling of testamentary dispositions such as last wills, legacies, endowments on death
  • Comprehensive consulting in all matters of labour law
  • Representation at court

The first interview

Every situation requires an individual approach. We are happy to take the necessary time to discuss your specific situation in detail. Therefore, please make an appointment for a non-binding initial consultation. For this we allow ourselves to charge a flat fee of € 216,- gross for each hour.

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Legal topics & focus areas


Traffic law and damages have been part of our lawyers´ core competencies ever since the law firm was founded. Here, we only focus on claims for damages, which can be derived from the consequences of an accident.If it is a relevant claim, you could have the right to claim compensation for pain and suffering and other compensations from the liable party. (more…)

Divorce, marital and family law

Marital and family law especially treats the rights and duties within relationships between spouses and those between parents (resp. legal guardians) and children. It is especially based on the Austrian Marital Law, the Registered Partnership Law as well as the Austrian Civil Code. (more…)

Inheritance law

The inheritance law reform “Inheritance law new”, which has been effective since January 1st, 2017, has brought along some significant changes of the inheritance law in Austria. Should a valid last will exist, it is necessary to bring the existing estate planning into accordance with the inheritance law reform. (more…)

Insurance law

Insurance Law serves as the basis for the design of insurance contracts and the reciprocal rights and duties of the contracting parties. On the one hand, we advise and represent companies in all fields of insurance law, such as the settlement of major damages and the defence against liability and coverage claims. (more…)

Labour law

In a legal dispute it is important to know whether the employment relationship between employer and employee is based on a collective agreement, the individual labour law in the form of the Employee Act is applicable and whether a written or oral working contract was concluded. (more…)

Tenancy and housing law

The substantial regulations for tenancies can be found in the Austrian Tenancy Act and the Austrian Civil Code. For some tenancies, only certain regulations of the Tenancy Act apply (partial application). Also the entire non-application of regulations of the Tenancy Act are possible (total exemption). For other apartments the entire Tenancy Act applies (full application). (more…)