General civil law

Civil law affects nearly all areas of life of natural persons, but is also applicable to legal persons (Ltd, general partnership, limited partnership). It regulates the relations amongst the legal entities, be it on contractual basis or due to familial relations, especially between parents and children, up to regulations regarding the legacy of decedents.


Traffic law and damages have been part of our lawyers´ core competencies ever since the law firm was founded. Here, we only focus on claims for damages, which can be derived from the consequences of an accident.If it is a relevant claim, you could have the right to claim compensation for pain and suffering and […]

Tenancy and housing law

The substantial regulations for tenancies can be found in the Austrian Tenancy Act and the Austrian Civil Code. For some tenancies, only certain regulations of the Tenancy Act apply (partial application). Also the entire non-application of regulations of the Tenancy Act are possible (total exemption). For other apartments the entire Tenancy Act applies (full application).
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