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When are hourly rates and when are flat rates charged?

It is basically every lawyer´s free decision whether he /she charges his lawyer services as a flat rate or on an hourly basis, or according to single services, resp. according to the Lawyer´s Fee Act (RATG). Also a success fee is possible.

A flat rate is purposeful if the scope of the expected can be estimated. Your advantage here is that the costs are known right from the start.

If, however, the expected effort is not predictable, very often an hourly rate or the payment based on single services is agreed upon. Especially with very high values in litigation, an hourly billing can be a good alternative to the tariff.

If no other fee agreement was made, the billing is carried out according to the Lawyer´s Fee Act (RATG), the general fee criteria of the Austrian Chamber of Lawyers (AHK) and the Notary´s Fee Act. The amount of the lawyer´s fee depends on the value in litigation, the type of service and the number of involved people.

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